Grand New Century Resort Xianghu Hangzhou

Grand New Century Resort Xianghu Hangzhou aims to create a high-end aesthetic hotel that integrates leisure, business, and vacation, with a focus on "light nature, luxurious art, and community friendly".

The overall decoration of the hotel presents a "avant-garde design concept", taking elements from Xianghu Lake such as "boating", "lake water", and "distant mountains", and exploring the butler style service concept of "design changes quality, and details are exclusive". Experience five-star supporting facilities (such as health, dining, accommodation, etc.) in different spaces of the hotel, and feel the urban paradise of "deep flowers".

The main color scheme of the rooms at Grand New Century Resort Xianghu Hangzhou is light gray and dark brown, conveying a warm atmosphere of "light natural color matching". The decoration is elegant, echoing the natural environment, and showcasing the fashionable aesthetics in the trend of technology.

The hotel is equipped with 156 guest rooms of various types: in addition to king and twin rooms, various room types such as family rooms, deluxe rooms, and presidential suites have been added, providing more choices for parent-child travel, family vacations, workplace therapy and rest, and different customer groups with different needs.

Some room types also come with independent balconies or terraces, allowing for a panoramic view of Xianghu Lake and enjoying the tranquil and secluded nature of the mountains and lakes.

The guest room design follows the concept of "photosynthetic space" and is committed to optimizing the layout of key functional spaces such as sleep, toiletries, and rest. By creating a comfortable and pleasant living space through light, color, and scenery, it meets the pursuit of the elite in terms of living aesthetics and a relaxed environment.

In addition to star rated living space, butler privileges, and welcome tea gifts, the guest rooms of Grand New Century Resort Xianghu Hangzhou are also equipped with public facilities such as a constant temperature swimming pool, gym, and rooftop garden, allowing for arbitrary switching of various vacation scenes.

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